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Have questions about our group? We have a Welcome Letter that has all the intricate details about our band, and below are the most frequent inquiries we receive.

How do I join the band?

We are always accepting new members, and we do not hold auditions. Prospective members can simply show up to a rehearsal and start playing! You are also free to come and observe us if you’re unsure about joining.

Are vaccinations required?

At this time, we are requiring that our members have vaccination and booster shot(s) per CDC guidelines. If you are a new member, please either email us with a scan of your card or bring it to your first rehearsal with us. The Board will be revisiting this requirement on a regular basis to make the best decisions we can for the health and safety of our members.

When can I join?

We encourage prospective members to join us at the beginning of a concert cycle in order to comply with our attendance guidelines. The best time to join is either at the beginning of the year, or the first or second rehearsal after a performance. Our rehearsal dates and performances are noted on our calendar.

How much is it to join?

Our members pay dues of $80/year per person, or $40/year for students. We have 501(c)(3) non-profit status, meaning these dues are tax-deductible. We have an annual scholarship fund available to those who require financial assistance.

Where/when do you rehearse?

We rehearse most Mondays from 7:15 Р9:15pm at Severance High School. Check our calendar for rehearsal and performance dates and locations.

I play multiple instruments. Which one should I bring?

You are welcome to play your preferred instrument, and if you let us know about your secondary instrument(s), we can keep you in mind if we have a specific need. Many of our members also double as percussionists. We love it when members can be versatile!

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